Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I Love fairy tales, they inspire me to create art. Maybe because they evoke memories of childhood, maybe because the tales can be innocent or dark depending on your focus. I participated in an ATC swap and here are my cards. The sketch was from my journal


Michelle Casey said...

Diane, Your fairytale ATCs are amazing. Loved the colour, text and fine details. Fairytales do the same for me. I just watched the latest "dark" version of the film "Red Riding Hood" last night... some of the visuals were stunning. It combined the storying of Red Riding Hood with the myth of the werewolf. Quite neat. As a kid I devoured fairytales from all countries and thought it was cool that each country had their own version of each one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards. Michelle

ka-JOY said...

These are gorgeous! I love their sweet faces and the way you draw the eyes.

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