Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seeing the Positive in the Negative

This entry was prompted by my recent conversation with my friend Jennifer. She was talking about how to try to stay positive when negative things were happening. And I was reminded of something my hubby said to me, that I shared with her. He'd told me once that my leg injury turned out to be a good thing. And I was shocked when he said that because, how could that ever be considered a good thing? Then he reminded me that after that happened, I started to play the piano, choreograph, compose music, draw, and do computer graphics. And if it hadn't happened, I probably would've been content to just keep dancing and never try any of those other things. And I had to admit in looking back, that he's right. We tend to follow the same familiar pathway of activities because they work for us, and only venture out to the unfamiliar because we have to.
I did a "before and after" of the collage, so I could see how the handwriting changed the design of the page. Page was done with scrapbook paper, tissue paper, magazine images, wrapping paper, glue stick and pens.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I love how YOU come out onto the pages. It's hard to see the positive in the negative at times but it sounds like your hubby is by your side to help!

eileenu said...

Yes, Diane is very blessed to have a supportive and insightful hubby! I agree that often it takes a change in our circumstances to move us toward expansion and new expressions.

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