Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuning into My Inner Soundtrack

I’d turned to my piano, when I wasn’t able to dance, telling myself it was a substitute. So, after I'd started taking dance classes again, I didn't feel compelled to continue with my music. My piano got dusty. But recently, when I heard my own songs again, I reconnected to something that I'd left behind, a sense of resonance.

It’s something I can’t quite explain. And the closest description is a feeling of “waking up”. It’s a shifting of focus, and improves my ability to “see” with my inner eye. I noticed that, while my drawings focused on characters, my music sought out landscapes (water, rain, bells). And that brought me to a new vantage point. I call it "Tuning into my inner soundtrack". It feels like remembering something I’d forgotten, so there’s a sense of coming home.

I think that I let go of it because I felt out of step with the music that I hear commercially. In this age of constant media, it’s easy to compare ourselves unfavorably with what’s out there. Now I realize that’s kind of the point. I wouldn’t be able to find my songs; so I’d have to create them for myself.

I wanted to post this piece, written and performed by my cousin, who is a major creative influence in my life. Her song "Don't Let the Song Go Out of Your Life" reminds me that I need to hang onto my unique experience.

Don't Let the Song Go Out of Your Life by Eileen Uchima


eileenu said...

This post was a revelation to me! Thank you for sharing your inner process. With the increasing busyness in my life, I have felt out of touch with my creative and playful self. You remind me that there's power in rediscovering past inspirations and creations!

Michelle Casey said...

Diane, Elieen's song was so uplifting... what a pleaure it was to hear... she has a lovely voice. Her lyrics made me think of an interview I just heard this week with actor Alan Arkin who said he, like a good fellow actress/singer Madeleine Kahn, he wants to be the music in life... it's a beautiful thought. It would be really wonderful to see your two worlds of music and art come together one day. I think it's so neat that your visual work follows characters and your musical one, landscape. Your talent knows no bounds!

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