Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hooked on Polyvore

 I am hooked on this site Polyvore, every time I inadvertently go there, I end up spending Tons of time looking through all of their stuff! It's partly because it's web collage, very similar to what's in my art journals, but also because it shows a lot of the same themes we see in media and I guess we're sort of brainwashed about what we should be paying attention to.

Lately, I 've been looking at extending my "stuck in the rut" color schemes, so these give me more of an idea on what can be done. And, I love that even though it's focused on fashion, a lot of the people who create sets using their tools, are seeing them more as tools for expressing themselves.

(I'm happy that I Finally figured out how to get this to display as two images with the text on the sides.)


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