Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Life Made By Hand

These are pages from "A Life Made by Hand", early last year and, I tried to focus on the composition of the page, and keep the messages simple.

I did something a little bit different, because I worked on loose pages rather than a bound book, and then when I was done, I bound them using a spiral binder. It was handier for carrying around, and I stuffed everything into a cigar box. So there's a lot of cut up stuff in this one.

I called this one "My Life in Comix". One of the women in the class (Dixie) had posted this link on her blog, where you could create your own comics on the Web. So I did that, printed it, and created a page about it. This is how I imagined I'd look as a cartoon character.


Barbara Hagerty said...

I LOVE these pages! I remember them from the class. I loved them then, and I think I love them even more now! So glad you're reposting all your art from Kelly's classes! It's wonderful seeing everything you've done, all in one place!

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